Smelting Furnaces

smelting furnaces

A smelting furnace is required in the final stage of gold production. By placing the gold rich materials from the electrowinning cells into the furnace and adding the required ‘charge’ to the gold mix, the gold furnace heats the crucible to over 1100°C to bring the gold mix to a molten liquid form. The smelting furnace is then tilted to allow the molten gold to pour out of the crucible and into waiting moulds. The gold moulds are either arranged in a cascade (where the higher mould overflows and the mould lip allows the gold to flow into the lower mould) or on a revolving table.

The gold is allowed to cool in the mould and regain its solid form before being forced out of the mould for cleaning and stamping.

Other items require smelting furnaces such as copper, tin and lead. However, the Heat Systems smelting furnace has been designed and developed predominately for use in gold and silver mines. The rugged and solid design of the smelting furnace allows it to be used with ease in the most remote and harsh conditions.

The Heat Systems gold furnace also uses spouted crucibles. This change from the standard lipped crucible and cast pouring spout means that there is less consumables to order and stock as well as greater stability of the crucible within the furnace.

With the smelting furnace sized to suit crucibles from A100 to A500 and using either a hydraulic or electro-mechanical tilting system, the Heat Systems furnace will provide years of faithful service with minimal downtime and maintenance.

  • A swing-over refractory lid means faster heat-up and more heat retention
  • Height-adjustible cascade table
  • Burner fan run-on to maximise burner life
  • High quality refractory bricks used
  • Kits can be provided to allow for rapid re-lines in-situ should a repair to the smelting furnace be required. No need for troublesome castable refractory which requires time consuming curing and costly visits from suppliers
  • Pour at the exact smelting temperature due to the benefit of a tilting burner. It’s no longer necessary to overheat to account for the rapid cooling during pouring
  • Hydraulic tilting makes for a very smooth and precise pour
  • Spouted crucibles mean that there is no need for a ceramic transition piece when pouring. No more headaches associated with the expansion / contraction and wear of these items
  • Heat Treatment
  • Mining 
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory
  • Foundry
  • Glass
  • Pharmacutical
  • Technical Ceramics 
  • Dental 
  • Arts & Crafts.

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Smelting Furnaces

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