About Heat Systems

rotary kilns australia

Who We Are

Heat Systems are a world leader in thermal processing solutions. Our expertise covers the design, fabrication and maintenance of unique thermal heaters and equipment such as Carbon Regeneration Kilns (or Indirect Fired Rotary Kilns), Direct Elution Heaters, Indirect, Thermal Oil Heaters (or indirect Elution Heaters), Cooling Screw Conveyors and so much more. With bases in Australia and Vietnam, we are manufacturing and supplying equipment to clients both domestically and internationally.

Heat Systems began with a group of people who wanted to create better products and services for industries that needed alternative and more innovative thermal processing solutions. Our Carbon Regeneration Kilns, Elution Heaters, Smelting Furnaces, Ovens and site services are in a process of continuous improvement, in order to meet this need.

What We Do

With over forty years combined industry experience, Heat Systems are providing thermal heaters and processing solutions to industry leaders, fortune 500 companies and EPCs. 

Companies such as Nordgold, Newcrest, and Carbon Products Limited (CPL) have utilised our Carbon Regeneration Kilns, Thermal Oil Heaters, and Smelting Furnaces as well as our servicing and maintenance expertise.

Because the demands of onsite thermal processing solutions are endless, HEAT Systems have become experts in the field. We supply Thermal Heaters, Thermal Oils and spare parts for a wide variety of OEM equipment. Additionally, our Engineers and Technicians consult on a wide range of site-specific problems. Our expertise outperforms the competitions time after time.

Why We Do It

Selecting the correct thermal heater is critical to drive down costs and maintain profitability. Aside from priding ourselves on our existing product and service range, we are committed to expanding our ever increasing knowledge through customer engagement and research.

Each site visit provides us with an opportunity to solve new problems and every new product allows us to improve upon previous solutions. Whether it’s supplying spare parts, maintenance or repairs, last-minute site visits or complete thermal system packages, we see every client as an opportunity to provide an ever more financially conscious industry with the best solution available.

rotary kilns australia

Heat Systems is a global provider of thermal processing solutions